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Terrible Hijacker Arrested Wearing Canadiens Sweater

Whilst it is not technically a sweater (Fruit of the Loom are yet to do a pearl stitch version), they serve the same purpose (warmth, more? info? essentially) and are a playful alternative. Tie round your waist in a tribute to Chanel, or channel Alexander Wang and say it loud with wordy catchphrases and bold lettering. Avoid motifs and pictures if you want to ensure your sweatshirt finishes first in the style marathon and isnt left out-dated and beyond its time from the get go. That Kenzo-inspired tiger face will scream circa 2013 by next year whereas varsity styles are somewhat timeless- re-watch Grease if you dont believe me. A sweater, whether its cloud-like huggable knitwear or bold and emblazoned with lingo, wont date. So if you want your February purchase to see you through seasonal change- both meteorological and sartorial then opt for the sweater or sweatshirt.

It's made from a blend of Merino wool and Tencel, a natural fiber derived from eucalyptus trees. Plus, Nau uses wool certified by ZQUE, which ensures that sheep are not mistreated. Nau 2) Visantine Felt Wool Cape Ok, I'm calling this wool felt cape a sweater, but I know that's a bit of a stretch. This statement piece could be an outer garment or a super-warm addition to your outfit. It's made in Brooklyn to last a lifetime. Visantine 1) The one that's already in your closet!

His attempt was foiled and, for some reason, he was wearing a Montreal Canadiens sweater when he was arrested. He also may have been drunk and/or high. He may not have totally thought this one through. Ukraine is in the middle widespread civil unrest in part due to its relationship with Russia. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was meeting with Vladimir Putin during the Olympics so, according to Maxim Lenko , the head of Ukraine's Security Service's investigative division, the man planned on diverting the plane to Sochi. It's unclear what he would have done once he arrived.

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