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Pregnant Emily Blunt Dresses Her Belly In Pop Art Sweater As She Steps Out With Husband John Krasinski

I repeat: the so-soft cashmere that is now touching your very skin may have once been worn by a rat. Again: You might be wearing a rats old coat. Italian police seized over a million fake cashmere garments made at Chinese-run firms in Rome and distributed in Florence that were found to contain acrylic, viscose, and oh, some rat fur. An Italian court cautioned 14 Chinese-born people for fraud, which seems like a slap on the wrist considering that some of the rat-fur cashmere was used to make pashminas that touched peoples faces. So you should burn that pashmina that your aunt bought you in Florence that she swears is real Italian.

He may not have totally thought this one through. Ukraine is in the middle widespread civil unrest in part due to its relationship with Russia. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was meeting with Vladimir Putin during the Olympics so, according to Maxim Lenko , the head of Ukraine's Security Service's investigative division, the man planned on diverting the plane to view website Sochi. It's unclear what he would have done once he arrived. "The passenger put forth the demand to free the 'hostages' in Ukraine," Lenko said, in reference to people arrested in the ongoing protests in Ukraine. "Otherwise, he threatened to blow up the plane." Turkey's private NTV television quoting an unnamed passenger on board the plane said the man was demanding freedom for prisoners in Ukraine as well as former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who is Yanukovych's top foe and serving a seven-year sentence on charges of abuse of office. His plan was doomed from the start.

Next stop: Once inside, they continued on with their day As reported by TMZ, Emily revealed she is expecting a girl after buying the very trendy Aspen Custom Pink Velvet Regency Glider nursing chair and stool retailing for $3,651. In December, Emily celebrated the impending birth with a baby shower attended by friends Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Bell and Amy Adams. It was a very casual shower, a source told People. Emily seems very excited about the baby and looks great.

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