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Usa Olympic Sweater

My wife and I designed and manufactured these sweater that are reminiscent of the Olympic hockey jerseys from the 1980's. They are a lightweight wool/poly blend. We have copper reinforced rings to support the draw string. The sweater has an over-sized hood comfortable for any size hood (even with a hat on).

Team USA Is Wearing An Ugly Christmas Sweater During The Olympic Opening Ceremony

It's fantastic. The Opening Ceremony is a parade. It's not an opera. Athletes don't need to be out there looking like Sherlock Holmes in a black trench coat.

Team USA's Winter Olympics Sweaters Are Getting Blasted on Social Media

What the heck is going on with the US Olympic Team uniforms? Sweats and Christmas sweaters? #thingsthatmakeyougohmmmm ... Anjali Kumar (@itsanjali) January 24, 2014 We're starting to think America has a strong opinion about these sweaters (and third-grade teachers). Looks like my third grade teacher's sweaters: @sportingnews : US Opening Ceremony uniforms http://t.co/eYdyzr6b4X / pic.twitter.com/7Ctrlt2lqa Welp, we found one person who doesn't totally hate them. Pretty sure I'm the only person I know who likes the US Olympic sweaters. Kathy Prothro (@KRProthro) January 24, 2014 For those who love sharp dressers, we have a surprise for you.

X marks the spot! Rose McGowan stands out in bright yellow sweater at LAX as she playfully covers her make-up free face

X-tra fun: Rose McGowan flew into LAX looking fresh and natural without make-up in a yellow jumper that clearly marked her out on Thursday Then she teasingly covered her face and peered through her fingers. The bare-faced brunette was comfortably dressed for the flight in her bright sweater, black skinny jeans and black high-tops. She tucked her tresses behind her ears, revealing her perfect complexion that really doesn't need embellishment. Cover up: The 40-year-old, who was on her way home from Sundance, teasingly covered her naked jaket korea keren face and peered through her fingers as she stopped on the concourse New direction: The brunette beauty's first project as a director, the film short Dawn, premiered at the festival The celebrity took off her yellow jumper when she hit the heat outside the airport terminal, revealing her toned and trim figure. Rose was at Sundance for the premiere of her first film as a director, a short called Dawn, about a teenager who longs to break free of her over-protective parents. Warming up: The actress took off her jumper when she hit the heat outside the airport terminal In demand: Rose spoke at the YouTube On Main Street: Women In Film panel at Sundance on Tuesday Supporting her at the event was her husband of three months, artist Davey Detail. She also took part in the YouTube on Main Street: Women In Film Panel on Tuesday evening.

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